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The cornerstone of any security starts at home. Fidelity ADT with the best-trained officers in the country as well as a quick response turn around times for incident related queries is Always There.

This is how we do it:

  • Auto-dispatch: Automatically dispatches vehicles to an emergency without human intervention. This speeds up response times and ensures that the closest vehicle is sent to help you during an emergency
  • Vehicle cameras: An on-board camera system keeps an eye on what is happening inside and outside the vehicle. Reviewing the footage assists with identifying threats, suspect identification, crime scene analysis and training. We learn faster, train better officers and fight crime more effectively
  • Bulletproof glass: Our officers are afforded better protection from violent criminals, this means we can be in the thick of things when it counts
  • GIS Cameras: Live view 365 degree camera system that can see in the dark. Our control room can see what the vehicle sees, giving an additional set of eyes to our reaction officer. This helps us catch criminals easier, especially at night
  • Vehicle network: All our vehicles are backed up by at least two other vehicles in the area. With an interlinked network of vehicles we can work with the community, the SAPS and emergency services to quickly and efficiently coordinate and combat crime
  • Community radio: In our localised security schemes our vehicles are connected to the community radio network so that the community is in constant contact with our reaction vehicles, the control room and CPF members for faster communication
  • Safe Entry Service: Coming home and feeling a little unsafe? Call Fidelity ADT before you arrive at home and a reaction vehicle will meet you to safely escort you to your home, they will also do an inspection of your property to make sure its safe